Grounding Nourishing Earthling

My grounding technology does not required lots of science to understand instead  lots of dedication and messy ground also soft grass.

The greatest thing about living in the urban areas in Toronto is that I can find parks in my way every time i go back home from work, feeling the ground beneath my feet just before i head back to the apartment is all what i need to dis-charge all that excess energy in my body. Loving been barefoot and having just sometime to reflect under the branches in a sunny day is all!

After spending sometime in nature (often times doing computer work in the park) i wear my hemp sandals and head back home. At home I only wear my sandals which are thin, one inch above to the ground the fabric feels just excellent on the sole of my feet. I found my feet’s skin been somehow ‘thicken’ and feel just wonderful when stepping into my hemp sandals.

A couple of years back i decided to wear only hemp so i got a pair of hemp boots which i wear when the weather gets cold. I realize all these had help me to relief my thinking mind – feeling more connected to the earth – also along with my deep loving for fermented drinks super help my metabolism to speed up and get me going through out my days.

What I am sharing with you my friend it is just simply to be aware of all the possibilities existed for having a clear mind, be in a pacific state where we can easily articulate our ideas, be understood and spread our natural love vibrations among our communities.

❤ Love. Blessings. Namaste



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