Never Ending City

Springwaters Lanksttaf

Summer is been brilliant and cloudy/rainy here in Toronto the past days are been so cloudy prevention of thunderstorms and really bad weather on the news. art of living is to be able to adapt to the current situations, and define our thought pattern not to do anything less than give the best of our abilities to create a scenario where our life keeps in great alignment with our most precious desires. everyday make a commitment to pleasure and satisfy that what you consider an achievement and when you do not find the strength and stillness to do so go on nature take a sun bath, lay on the sand, or like us go for a ride to a destination that would allow you to just wash away all that holds you from expression . I just can not get in enough of life. Surrendering to each moment-to feel-to express-to be.

Thank you all for visiting this space I enjoy create and show something of what make me happy ! I hope you get inspired :)!

I couldn’t go with mention this project>>> Find a spring<< 20150630_144843[1]I am so proud of all the community that helped build this project, site, etc… it is such a joy to know there are amazing communities out there supporting and creating, thriving and living in balance with mother Gaia.


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