Skin Care

With this facial mask your face will feel so smooth you’ll be surprise when you look in the mirror!

Taking care of our self is oh so crucial and when it comes to girly treatments I do prefer to select the activities and have time for my personal care consciously selecting the appropriate day to indulge my self with care and love.

I tried a couple of ingredients to different treatments for skin care, selected the ones that are handy at home and of course are ingest-ableand with out any side effects.. In the other hand is important to mention that to have a really healthy skin we have to begin from the most obvious starting point which is a healthy gut avoiding any food that comes in cans or boxes will be ideal.

Make good use of Farmer’s  Markets around your city or go for a nice trip and discover new healthy options- freshly picked from the fields. Where ever you are make sure you create time to relax and listen to your needs 🙂

~Select a herb that when you steep it for tea or any other concoction the aroma is agreeable for your nostrils. For these i choose dehydrated Chamomile Petals

Then reach for clay bentonite or marrocan clay or any other type of clay that is good to apply on the skin (you might need to try them on your arm first and if does not cause any allergy then go for it)

And storage in a pretty glass container.

As long as you have all that in your counter you can apply it anytime or any other day when your skin feels to oily or you simply chilling for  the day.

Mix it up with a spoon of spring water to create a paste and gently apply it in your delicate skin. Let it sit for as long as you want it would harden up a bit so do not  do anything that requires talking or going out to the streets lol. You have movement available though. I like to create my yoga flow while I am waiting but that is just my personal choice.

Go ahead give it a try and please tell me if that also worked for your skin type and if there were some modifications to the original recipe please also let me know what came out for you. i’ll be honor to listen to what you have to say about this treatment

take care !IMG_7285


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