Natural Sweet Divine

🙂 Folks !!!

What a nice day to share refreshing synergy of candied yield

Astro sun illuminating the north of the Americas, shinning in our skins and moving our souls. Don’t you just Love Spring/Summer folks.

We know how hard is to keep up with our healthy diet in our world, imagining what to do with our existing raw-healthy cabinets in the kitchen is not always an easy task. We have to come up with more healthy recipes and share it around, it is so magical when this happen !

At first the recipes are just as yummy and testy as in the recipe book and when you stop following and start inventing your own, the real fun begins here ! we can be lead to the greatest creation or a total disaster and that is perfectly fine 🙂 Our palate has to get used to exotic flavors and textures that is where our portion of nourishment for the brain, cells, organs, guts is found.

Have you notice how sophisticated the way mother earth give us it’s fruits is? all in an individual compact package, no extra bags or boxes or any other pack in that case,  protected from any damage in the though and rough environment as is in nature.she’s wonder

Without further due here are the ingredients you’ll need for a refresh drink this summer

  • Bananas frozen or room-temperature
  • Mango
  • chunk of  ginger
  • 2tbs pre-soak goji berries

Add sweetener if you like a more candied taste to your smoothie examples:

  • coconut sugar
  • honey/agave

Then run it through your blender adding filter water or coconut water if needed for a better mix. I blended one fruit of each and made a big cup enough for me and Giba. So you get two portions of antioxidants also a new way to incorporate goji berries or ginger in your recipes *

Okay friends, I hope you like this invention and drink as many combinations of your own this summer. have fun creating !

I’m off the internet to go for a walk, today is a celebration day here in Toronto. Advocate to release cannabis as a medicinal herb ! taking off for the Marihuana March and doing some urban yoga in our way there is part of the plan. See you at the Marihuana March or in the next post, I hope !




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