Eastern Choco~Dates treat

Eastern chocoPow

Eastern chocoPow

Oh how long with out writing people, things are coming together gracefully

I will present to you an easy and practical alchemy to get you going; magically creating in your healthy kitchen 🙂

Isn’t it complicated when you try to make your healthy habits turn into a regular thing, where daily effort is required and then apply it into your life just becomes a lifetime commitment… does it happen to you??

I like to take it easy at the beginning of the transitions and just opt for the simplest and stress-free yummy creations that carries magical potential delight to the gusto of all my be-loved people. With these recipe you are going to have a good time on your kitchen, exercise imagination and combine or match your ingredient preferences.

In your counter reach for:

  • a couple of dates ( I used  11 pitted dates)
  • nuts (walnuts or a mix of what you have left of your prev dessert) Make it one cup
  • Shredded coconut (Dehydrate the pulp and shredded into pieces) About two cups
  • Cacao powder (2 hipping spoons)

Very handy ingredients, I bet you could find it easy!

Okay, you gather all what we’ll need. Great job!!  now we need a blender a wooden spoon to bring everything together and a bowl where the magic takes form 😉

These process of having to order everything in a sequence is gain by experience, in your own time with the ingredients and tools that you’ve earn.

I like the chunky consistency in my treats so I will start by spinning a cup of nuts just until crush in the blender. Three to four spins depending the speed of your blender and set your nuts aside.

Grab your pitted-dates and shredded coconut put a layer of shredds and then a layer of dates top it up with another layer of coconut shredded and close your blender’s lid. Spin it until paste consistency.

Oh lala, smelling real good !

Now have the cacao powder sit on your bowl (here you can add any super powders  you’d like) and add the paste, mix it up with spoon real good until all combines. If you have a ice-cream spoon, go ahead and use it to make perfect beautiful balls!

Here you  go my friends, bring this treat to your events/parties. Make it for snack on road, or simple have it storage it in your fridge for as long as three days and enjoy not having to cook anything with fire but instead put your energetic fire element into your food and spread in that way your beautiful creation potential hidden in the cabinets of your lovely kitchen !

Love Be ❤


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