Sunsets at Wonderland!

Hey there beautiful people,


So, we notice how the simplest action to gaze at the sun means so much for human kind, in all senses.  Beginning with a clean up in our iris as we gaze more often to our ruler astro then with the time, we can do it for a prologue period of time in my learning cruise I’ ve notice that when meditating in the morning or only by closing my eyes, the image of these big and perfect ball of fire as Giba calls it, is there in my mind no effort, I can see the sun radiating powerful rays . It is amazing to live in a state of content with you and all your surroundings.

As we put this on practice, is in our best interest to share all the beauty and magic that this world holds with you in form of visuals and letters




Stay tune and see you at the sun set !!


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