Hello all!

Last months are been so much fun learning along with my beloved one 😉

Days are been some how beautiful routines that with the time transform into little rituals. As a wild woman i been taking time to draw my rituals into inspiring days with out fluctuating my energy too much. Meditations at the beginning of the day are now essential for balance, successful and productive days. I been putting into practice sun gazing in the mornings and sun gazing when the sun sets and those last times also include to climb trees in the middle of the parks to better connect with mother nature as we gaze at the sun. So much what to learn from the trees.

Giba my beloved one is the master, he climb trees as high as he can go and that is a freaking lot, he’ s awesomeness. I still need a lot more training to go as high as he does, is okay i am a little monkey with short arms and short legs but a lot of willingness to climb more and more times Yeah!

After been playing in the trees for a while I sit on the grass to read a book call: Cure tooth decay. I am reading this book for a better understanding on how this process of  loosing tooth health affects in many ways, is so interesting to know how all of this happens and how can we remineralize our already healthy tooth. The author explains in detail all the studies that are been done and also shows a protocol what to fallow once your general health is in balance, he basically encourage people to heal tooth with aliments rich in soluble fats, vitamins, phosphorous, calcium. It is worth it to know in detail about the subject this can save us from going to the dentist and save our tooth from drills and obviously keeps our wallet fit. I so recommend to read it since my actual tooth and gum health improved after reading a couple of chapters of the book, there are some good explanations about it in youtube, people really seems to be having amazing results.

That said, i think is important to carefully watch all of the other aspects of life including relationships, family, health, spirituality and work to mention some, remember that life is in constant expansion, come in  perfect balance with the flowing eternal loving  force of the universe.

Okay that is it for now, I hope this little update help many to enjoy a plenty life and also save some tooth from drilling and billing.



Yummy fats


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