Treats and more Treats here!!

Hi folks!

In this post I’ll bring a recipe together for individuals like you that like to create an innovate the raw food world ! This recipe can become the favorite of your love ones-  the source of high energy that would boost your mood is found on the berries. Goji berries and chocolate of course!!!

Here is what you need for the base:

Coconut shredded ( check out Earthship project)

Goji berries


Agave, summer blossom Honey ( All of the sweeteners can be mix together find the science of sweets:)


Coconut sugar

Coconut oil

Using an ice cream scoop make perfect balls with your paste and chill on the fridge for about 20 min

One cup of cacao paste on the crock pot in the slowest set up allow to melt. if necessary add one tbs of coconut oil for a more runny syrup like consistency. You decide if adding extra sweets for your treats and also any supplement such as powder power mix. ( I consider goji berries are great sweet aliment as well as cacao paste as mineral supplement)

Enjoy! and Have a Wonderful Chocoyuuuuuuum day!

sweetreats (3)


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