Reflections of Love

One of my latest post i was telling you guys about some reasons to add extra pounds to my muscle mass and how to keep my healthy life style while this happens.

The nature of my habits made me realize that eating a lot is not the solution but eating at the right times and the right amount Plus a light music at the background and really good company is how my body accepts the nourishment that i provide when is necessary.

A couple of years ago I put my yoga on and ever since then an overall health, awareness and intuitive development catch up to me. Ever since then my body surprise me so much, at my lunch times my meal started to get very different. Suddenly my appetite for meat was gone and my craving for greens started to increase oh so much! As an observer i realize that something was really syncing in and even my practices became better and better. Also i have to mention that i had my sister-in-law as my first Yoga teacher and my husband (brother) as my Life coach. We decide to take my practice to the next level and that was the guideline to create a program design for her students and friends who wanted to take a Yoga Teacher Training.

What happen after is only the begging of this wonderful path.

As a spiritual teacher everything is an obstacle but i think that the more positive though you put into your life you are able to see the enchantment in every moment.



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