Dive into Yoga and Harmonic Tunes

Hello all!

Imagine having the pleasure of being all day long just delighted your self with  beautiful strangers positively sharing your story, many smiles and laughs too! Everybody just immerse in their own ecstasy  their own passion their own happiness. It just seems that those days are happening more frequently nowadays.

Yoga conference happens every year here in Toronto, many people come together- all kind of people is found there! the best teachers, couples, fans,kids people just seeking to know more about healing arts and also meeting more people with this type of mind like . Also vendors are present there to show the latest updates on  props, techniques, retreats, etc…

Furthermore music is of course essential part of all this treat, constantly music playing all around the place meanwhile yoga demonstrations are also happening at the garden place.

Oh so wonderful, at the end of day 2 a music concert was schedule, for few more bucks you could complete your day with a blast of meditation sounds. I always wanted to listen the band of Darren alive. They have such a great vibe, the room was full of open hearted people, Darren is  well known to play the singing bowls and guitar he’s great! he shared a song written for his dad. also had a gorgeous chick playing this German instrument accompanied by  incredible vocals! At the end everybody came along in one single OM, absolutely  the most perfect sound vibrating  and shaking the room.

We Loved It 🙂 !

poses in carpet20140329_0035 PIC’S TAKEN  BY GIBA head stand20140329_0054


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