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Hello every one 🙂

Thanks for visiting the blog!

This post will encourage you to see the beauty in the details that life unfold in front of our eyes

I tried to get into sprouting already a couple of times, trying different methods and listening from the experts the better ways to constantly connect to all living beings.Sprouting is just a beautiful thing once you tune in to the whole process, you can continue improving those methods.

Think on the amazing way to spend your time wisely knowing that you are putting to practice the virtue of patience & love

Here is what you need for a crunchy mix sprouting:

Look in your counter for grains such as lentils (there is a variety of lentils in the bulk section of your favorite health store: green lentils, french lentils, red lentils, etc ) cheek peas, green peas, etc. All of this grains can be sprout no problem. Do not hesitate. Just give it a try!!

Spring water

Glass container

Calculate how many sprouts you’ll like in your salad and keep it up!

A fresh batch can be storage in the fridge for as long as you want. Once you have the grains in the container feed them some water and let them soak for one day. Next day, rinse them. while you do that sing to them, whistle or just look at them 😉  storage in the fridge and do the same routine for one more day. Let them grow minimum three days.

The enzymes of the grains are release in the water witch make the digestion process even better for your guts. Is important to grow your sprouts in ideal conditions so make sure you keep them cozy 😀  



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