To gain weigth


through your eyes i see my self better

Society is always worried about loosing weight, everywhere I look about work out tips or healthy diets is always some kind of  diet related to reducing belly size or gluts, etc.

Our case is the opposite tough, we are looking forward to gain muscle mass! and an overall healthy life style.

About two moths ago now, we decided to start a cleansing (the second body-detox for me) I was intrigue to know about the results since my first experience wasn’t too pleasant. I can only remember this little voice in my head saying that i should know better about this topics and its procedures lol.

Doing a cleansing or detox is exactly where we needed to start, Giba found a site on the net that guide us through the whole detox in about a month. He had done few more of this cleansing more than my self and so we incorporate extra steps in order to make our detox even a little extra intense.

The diet is pretty simple, it start by detoxifying the  lungs and so our diet started to change to a more leafy- greeny diet. I was so happy the first week with much much greens in the fridge and lots and lots of spring water, the second week we detox another organ, the same happened the third week only that this time was turn to the liver and just in case you do not know, the liver is the organ that does absolutely everything related to toxins so is extremely important to have the liver as clear as possible to make it easy for the other organs to function at its best.  The last week was the colon week we add a colima or enema as is usually called when you introduce water or different types of liquid to your belly through the colon using this bag  filled up with about two litters of water (we did cooffe-water) I’ve also heard of people who does it with fermented pee , awe not ready to try that one out! In any case; this water enters the body and washes any residues of  toxins left in the intestinal tracks and in between the organs. The after sensation is really good,i do not know specific what does it do to the brain but my thoughts were definitely more clear even my speech was totally articulate  hahaha

(I hope for the people out there to be as ready to know this, at least whatever is good for you  )

After the cleansing was over, our routines and organization started to work in a more peaceful way. It became  easy to keep up with the basic morning activities and we even have our meals pre- prepared, which is a huge deal for people like us that see the importance in reducing the time consuming when it comes to being in the kitchen so like that we can focus our attention in  making the best out of our day.

Okay, this is it for now. As soon as i have time free i’ll be posting some of the snack recipes we’re been munching for the last couple of years every time keeps getting better and better. And if you are interested in knowing more about how we’re been improving our eating habits to keep us more energetic and living a more sustainable experience Stay Tune, write your thoughts in a post, ask questions… 🙂


P  E A C E



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